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This page was primarily for site mechanics, organization, and keeping mself sane. You can track a history of changes that have been made to the site here as well as get a good idea of how much work has gone into it over time.

Site Version 7.1
09.28.2008 @ 1:58 AM

  • I'm discontinuing this update page for now. Too much changes too fast and it's not really all that helpful to keep track of what's new with a page like this.
  • In this moment I'm hoping to revive the JAG85.com concept to make a feature-driven gateway like I had before, but I'm not sure if I'll really find the time...
  • Look to JAG-wire.net for all future updates.

Site Version 7.0
07.29.2007 @ 3:03 PM

  • Okay, lets be honest here, no one is going to be making updates except me
  • It's been a year, so much has changed that the site version ought to as well. I'm no longer measuring those by the development of the JAG85 home page, but instead the whole umbrella site and all of its subsidiaries
  • I've introduced JAG-wire.net, the JAG85 portfolio series, and shifted many sites to remain only in a demonstration form
  • The personal pages have been largely reshuffled and eliminated, I'm considering new options to move pictures elsewhere
  • I now host a page for Megan Delaney and soon others
  • Recently out of the forge would be the Facebook Project, the What People Do documentary, and the Girls Next Door website
  • I'm planning on implementing JAG85 Vibes soon as a sort of AV portfolio
  • I now host websites for my classes online
  • Flash is popping up all over the site, I've learned how to more effecitvely use it
  • More to come in the future I'm sure, I'll do my best to be better about updates.

Site Version 6.0
06.14.2006 @ 1:08 AM Europe Time Admin JAG85

  • The total redux calls for a new site version - it's a massive multi-month change
  • All of the following changes are as a result of the total redux list
  • Continually sprucing up and adding to the primary web site style sheet
  • Revamped the Jeff locator - it now includes all previous versions as well as an about page and a link to contact information about myself - oh and it has its own template now
  • Cleaned up the images and widgets directories for the primary site - still some orphaned files, but much better than before
  • Created new graphics for the home page so that random features will cycle through - the home page will look different every time you visit and include over a doezen different main features

Site Version 5.3
05.24.2006 @ 3:13 PM Europe Time Admin JAG85

  • Created a plan for the web site's total redux this summer
  • Updated the contact page, plans to update my resume too
  • Added drop-downs to the home page, new CSS all over the place
  • Integrating properly employed styles sheets on many pages, mostly hybrids at this point
  • Most subsites can be reached from the home page
  • More I'm forgetting

Site Version 5.2
12.29.05 @ 10:53 AM Admin JAG85

  • Once again it's been a long time since I've registered updates
  • I think the big stuff is that editorials has been flushed out more so, the volleyball subsite was added, and I started up the Illini Bike Project, which will be transferred to netfiles later
  • Avalanche, music, and the rig pages have all been updated
  • Made minor updates to the Business site - it really still needs to be finished
  • Adjusted the center graphic on the home page to cycle, but right now it's pointing to a video I want to promote, I'll put it back later!
  • Yeah, there's been a lot more that's changed, look around to find out

Site Version 5.1
05.19.05 @ 3:50 PM Admin JAG85

  • Many changes since last update log, as usual
  • Editorials site has gained new material and sections, nearing a 'finalized' state
  • Music sub site is now added and fully functional, awaiting more content
  • The University of Illinois Femnist Majority added to the JAG85.com umbrella
  • Lots of updates to individual pages, contact section updated, etc...
  • Updated portions of the Avalanche web site to reflect the entire past year at school

Site Version 5.0
04.15.05 @ 6:30 PM Admin JAG85

  • Wow. Yeah, that just about sums it up. Wow. I've changed everything since I've last logged it on this update page
  • The most notable change is the new homepage - and new template set to go with it
  • There's now a fully operational RIG section
  • AUS has of course seen some updates
  • The music page is getting bigger and will soon have its own sub-site
  • I eliminated a number of the introduction pages
  • Avalanche now has its own stand-alone URL - www.shavalanche.com
  • Shored up a million other pages and things, I forgot a lot of it
  • Plans to implement a full fledged Editorials sub-site
  • More templates, more stylesheets, more insanity!
  • Added a new skin and setup for the Editorials section
  • New site version simply because the entry concept is new, and I have a true umbrella web site
  • Oh yeah, I made a site map - check it

Site Version 4.75 01.01.05 @ 4:06 AM Admin JAG85

  • New Year, new site version, right?
  • Substantial updates to the Pictures Site - go check out the news page there for details.
  • I think I forgot to mention in the last version - I did various miscellaneous updating with the AUS pages.

Site Version 4.7 12.24.04 @ 5:24 PM Admin JAG85

  • I decided a new site version was in order because I did a comb over of the ENTIRE site while at my grandmothers for Christmas. This means not a single section slipped through my fingers when it came to consideration.
  • Changed how I do site version updates - now it's more exact - like the pictures page!
  • Huge reorganization of everything, also some high level organization decisions
  • Moved the avalanche page into its own directory where it can grow to be its own section and have a shorter link
  • Added style sheets for AUS and the gateway pages - fixed link colors and stripped out all of the unwanted font face and size over-rides
  • Fixed the screwed up tables and repeating graphics on the gateway pages
  • There's only one template for many pages now, avoiding silly over-lap
  • Cleaned up the code on the gateway pages
  • Streamlined and seamed up all of the AUS pages to match each other
  • Adjusted the little corner resolution thing on the gaming pages
  • Cleaned up portions of the gaming pages, including organizing ALL of the lego pictures into files and removal of the message board links everwhere
  • Scooched the nav pictures for the gaming pages to where they belong
  • Massive updates so far on the business site - including finishing the FAQ's - I removed useless ones, organized them better, and read the entire page over and cut out huge portions of text. God I'm wordy
  • Set up for new updates to come on the business site, revamping it to be flushed out and operational, instead of relatively useless and bare-bones
  • Cleaned up cp a little bit, just fixing spacer problems and whatnot
  • Blew up the word trash in the downloads directory
  • Updated my resume
  • Adjusted page names in Editorials, plans to make a demo into the nexus for them
  • Did a run over of the Glenbard West Chess site, fixing many errors and problems, including graphics and link colors, link placement and advertising, and put the images and widgets into their correct directories
  • Did a fast run over of the Amnesty International site, removing trash and organizing files
  • Cleaned up the old Glenbard West web site demo and seamed up the holes I had managed to put in it back when I didn't fully understand what I was doing - looks good
  • Deleted orphaned image files and moved some stuff out from open directory
  • Removed the Guest Book entirely - both the CGI for it and all links and pages having to do with it
  • Updated the disclaimer and shortened it while adding some accuracy
  • Organized more files in the personal site, removed ones unrelated
  • Updated the AUS site with the standard blah blah

New to version 4.6

  • Planning to remove the guest book and implement javascript preloads everywhere!
  • Plenty of work done on the pictures web site, go see the news page there for details
  • Fixed some dead links on the personal page index
  • Updated the Contact page a bit
  • More updates to the pictures subsite - the entire graphical and link heirarchy has been laid down! I'll soon begin throwing up the 1500 or so pictures up online!
  • Added the new pictures subsite link
  • Added javascript image preloads on the home page and anchored the footer linx as standard
  • Made various updates here and there to other portions of the site - fixing bad links, etc...
  • Added the pictures sub-site - this is a pretty phenomenal change as far as the web site goes, now all of the various pictures will be easily findable under one friendly and cool looking interface
  • Put up a new picture of myself on the contact page
  • Various updates to AUS, started work on 396, other clean up
  • Fundamental changes like picture locations will soon be happening...
  • Nearing completion of 396 - made miscellaneous fixes all over the places
  • Trimmed up and edited some of the business site
  • Did some more work on the extra pages on the pictures sub-site
  • Eliminated some unneeded templates
  • Updated my address information!
  • Actually added content to the HipHop page on the gateway site
  • Added and updated material on the HipHop site

New to version 4.5

  • Yes, I finally made a new version number! Why?  Gateway site reorganization!!
  • I've now implemented nested templates, so I can easily add or remove pages from the heirarchy, making changes to the base code has never been easier! Thank god, I needed it badly. This doesn't really mean anything to most normal users, but it'll be nicer for me
  • Made a personal page template
  • Adjusted the Jeff Locator to be blank for now
  • Updated the 396 bounce page
  • Fixed dead updates page links on personal site~
  • Did huge code clean up on my gateway pages shouldn't be nearly as spaced out, and should have better indentation
  • I renamed a number of pages to logical names, which I'm sure has broken links across much of my site. I'll continue to work on clearing up any bad links in for the next few updates I'm sure
  • Added the Sociology and Hip Hop Center pages to the root! Note that there are graphics for them now too -
  • Rewrote content on a few pages in the gateway site
  • Removed some stupid pictures from the Allerton web page, and added one
  • Removed a few other extraneous unused files
  • Adjusted title graphics to be static on all gateway pages
  • Am considering a total reorganization of the personal site...
  • The 396 directory just bounces to the real U of I page, which will be updated next on the 12th of June when I go visit school - assuming I can get into th ATLAS labs
  • Fixed the link on the Sociology page to actually go straight to the 396 page
  • I did it! I did it! I did it! The Switzerland subsite is organized!! All of the nav links there work, AND the pictures are in their own folder... this just means my sanity remains intact, little difference for mundane users
  • Site wide search and replace for old links to jag85n@netscap.net - working on setting up breaking HTML for webots..
  • Some site-wide maintenence making tags uniform, nicer HTML layouts, etc...
  • Removed the bounce page to updates, because in theory all of those links are acurate now
  • Did what I could to cut down on the number of dead links throughout the site - caught about 20 or so
  • Looking into revising the personal sub-site, finally
  • Started actually giving credit to the appropriate sources for the desktop backrounds
  • Developed the pictures subsite and reorganized/bushwhacked the personal pages...

New to version 4.4

  • Removed some of the less impressive unused GBW pages, and updated the demo
  • Made all of the pictures on Stacy's Birthday parties page work correctly
  • Added a robots.txt file to help keep out unwanted web traffic from bots!
  • Realized I need to do a new version number soon, as this has gotten huge. Just wait, as soon as I make a big change (like finish the college pictures)
  • Updated my resume and contact page
  • Updated a few places to reflect the fact that I'm single
  • Better organized my pictures from college into sub-folders
  • Revamped and filled out all of the planned categories on the college pictures pages
  • Changed the gateway page to the personal site to look nicer and have a graphic
  • Fixed the disclaimer page's broken graphic (by removing it!)
  • Added the entire Association of Undergraduate Sociologists web site... done tons of work there, no need to explain all of the specific design changes
  • Working with some new page design demos to be implemented in the future
  • Adjusted Emilie's web page so in theory all of the graphics work...
  • Adjusted Heather's web page in correspondence to our unfortunate new relationship
  • Realized that my site has seen over 304,000 hits in the past year.  Proceeded to shit my pants
  • Fixed up the Glenbard West Farwell page a bit, fixing some table glitches
  • Am learning how to play with Dream Weaver - may switch web design programs...
  • Adjusted the sight to be less high profile for random searches on Google and Altavista - I used to come up searches for 'landscapes' and 'energy' - what's more crazy is that the desktop backgrounds page has received the most traffic.  Am looking to re-orient the site based on webalizer information.
  • Updated my resume!
  • Home Page format critically changed to suit more moderate and logical web design principles.
  • Banner object colors adjusted for easier viewing.
  • Business entrance page modified to look more professional and inviting.
  • Moved Infinology contact information to contact page.
  • Fixed the linking problem for Jason's Page.
  • Changed some dead picture links on the college pictures pages.
  • Page for contacting Alumni has been removed due to lack of participation and interest.
  • Counter has been blasted off the old personal home page.
  • Suggestions given by a friend to improve site traffic flow aiming to see college pictures.  Suggestion taken into consideration, soon to be implemented.
  • English 4AP page was still up online and linked to for some reason... who'da thunk it.
  • Due to the fact that the Until Sundown/Horscop that recorded to the songs available for download on my site no longer exists, I am removing the music downloads.  No one really used them anyway.  And plus, I don't like punk/emo much :)
  • Adjusted my contact page - updated it and added some pertinent information.
  • Fixed the broken Disclaimer link on my pages for the umbrella site.
  • Fixed the flash plug-in reference error present on a few pages of the personal site that would be manifested in Mozilla and Netscape 6+

New to version 4.3

  • New Chicago Pictures page in the college pictures section!
  • NEW FILE SYSTEM!!  While this will make no impact on any of you - it's a godsend to me - I finally organized all of the graphics under their respective directories so it's not a tangled mess of insanity.  Things should be prettier and easier to update now too.
  • New College Pictures section - captions for the people of the 4th floor!  Nearly everyone has been added (all those I have pictures for, really).
  • Edited the Downloads page (the personal one) to leave more room for pictures... no one ever used the downloads I eliminated, so it's no big deal.
  • Made some small changes to the gaming section.  No one visits there anyway though, I so doubt you guys could figure out what I did even if you tried.
  • Business Services Page is in final draft form.  One more good editing sweep for the business site and I'll declare it officially completed!!!
  • I fixed the picture link errors on the Desktop Backgrounds page, they'll no longer point to my computer's picture directories :)  Sad how I was the one to discover that... meaning no one uses the desktop backgrounds from my site :(
  • Removed the download to the Dev C++ compiler because the company is now charging money for their software, and I don't want to cheat a deserving company out of money.  If anyone cares, check www.Bloodshed.net
  • Removed the Theatre page because it was out of date, and had virtually nothing done on it.
  • Minor updates made on the my contact page.
  • Removed Remy's page because she requested I do so.

New to version 4.2

  • Finally got that entire college section straightened out, Allerton, camping trip, Bob's haircut, miscellaneous, the people of the fourth floor, etc... are all there, ready to go.  More are coming, just wait up...
  • I actually ran into some space limitations on my server.  First time ever.  Whoda thought that thousands of pictures might eventually add up.  It's okay, I cleared out a few larger .bmp files and deleted some large unlinked downloads, I now have about 50 MB more free space.  But this is a bit scary, at some point I might have to start compressing things or buy more space!!
  • Business section is all done except for the Services page... unfortunately probably the most important one.  Luckily the FAQ's are all completed, see the link below to check them out.
  • New plans to add a page for Heather and extend the college pictures to include our Chicago trip.
  • Redid the 4th Floor Community Page, as well as the miscellaneous college pictures page. You now can tell who everyone is :)  That and almost everyone is present... save for maybe a couple.

New to version 4.1

  • College Pictures has its own section instead of a single page now.  Within this section are pictures for many categories.  You'll be able to meet most of the people whom I've come to know at college, and see some of the things we've done together.
  • Minor fixes with page titles and graphics case sensitivity errors
  • Business Site thoroughly started, FAQ's are starting to come up
  • Red eye removed from many of the classic pictures

New to version 4.0

  • New interface and look
  • New Contact Page
  • I just spent a ridiculous amount of time segregating the gaming elements of my site, I hope you all appreciate it.  There will be no cross over now, you can get to it all from the gateway of jag85.com
  • Personal Pages links redone
  • Sever Info Available
  • Site pages split up into appropriate areas
  • Switzerland Site finalized, again.
  • Business section added!
  • Prom pages completed
  • Homecoming redone with the new pictures added
  • Troop 45 removed and reallocated to Troop control
  • Links for previous updates all disabled, because most will not work

New to version 3.6:

  • Other changes were made between the current version and this one, but I don't remember what they all where, and how they were all done.  
  • Looking to taking a new angle for the Site...so people who are at college can better use it.  
  • Gave up on keeping the title pieces for each page unique...you can just read it in the fine text - makes for only a single title graphic...and is just easier.
  • Added the Contact Section so people can keep in touch while they're away at college!!
  • I brushed up the University of Switzerland Site a bit more...
  • I have made many of the pictures in the Homecoming section more easily viewable - I've photo-shoped many of them and still kept them in good quality.  
  • Alley and Kristiana's business page has a guest book that's operational...
  • The New Skin has been implemented on a test basis on the main page.  Notice the navigation is a flash object - I have a table underneath for emergency use...I may move that to somewhere else on the page - we'll see how things go.
  • Okay - so I've added some automatic update components - that is - they tell you an accurate time that I've updated the page - starting with the one at the top of this page!
  • The Work Camp Series of pages has been created - and is underway - more pictures coming.
  • Farewell to Glenbard West is now a fully functional and completed Web Site, go take a look at pictures of the last day of school.
  • Fixed that damned Graphic bug on the Friends Pages Flash Page...note that there still is no flash object there though...
  • I blew up the emergency use table, by the way - people ought to have Flash 5 by now.
  • Got rid of all the less than legal MP3's that were unlinked on my server - apparently Sony can block my site out from U of I - and we can't have that!!
  • Added more Lego pictures to the folder - but I need to implement them
  • Plans for a Tech Deck page are in my mind - guide to LANing and to building your own computer, etc...
  • I also hope to get a Résumé page for me up!
  • I'm starting to do real free lance contract work now for tech related whatnot...apparently my reputation has grown.
  • I plan to make ever page the Silverado (as it shall be called) skin type eventually.  The old graphics may be kept on a few pages - but every main page will be nice and new.

New to version 3.5

  • Lego Pictures are all completed - Inside the Big Ship has been nicely split up
  • Little spacing fixes and graphical changes
  • Slow speed connection pages for Homecoming and Heart Hop have been greatly expanded
  • The Downloads section is up and operational - and now includes music downloads for local bands and artists, as well as some fun programs.
  • Desktop Backgrounds page has been wiped, and a new one made.  There are now pictures of all sorts of types, some funny, some nice to look at, others cool and exciting. Should be useful for the general public
  • Prom Pictures Ground work laid
  • Pictures Pages hierarchy set up
  • New link of the day - I gotta put Troy in the downloads section!!
  • New Message Board - for general posting (I accidentally blew the other one up)
  • Glenbard West Web Sites have been Linkafied

New to version 3.4

  • Too much changed between this version and the last to name it all
  • I made TONS of pages look good, and work well
  • The Links page works - there are links now that people will care about!
  • The Guest Book works - no adds - and is fast!
  • Counter - there's a new counter - not provided by some free whacko service - on my main page.
  • The Message Boards have been updated and such
  • Troop 45 Site finished
  • Amnesty Site Finished
  • GBW Young Democrats Site Finished
  • GBW Chess Finished
  • GBW Prism Finished
  • UC Switzerland Vids are up and operational
  • New Graphics for the message boards - fast loaders
  • New Legos Pages
  • Fixed spaces between the 'friends!' and 'pictures' links on some pages
  • Graphic file capitalization conflict errors recognized and countered
  • UC Switzerland Site nearly completed, all but a few days
  • Made Patu's Page, made Ruth's Page
  • Alternate Site Skins started
  • Flash Objects for Pictures and Friends well underway
  • Cleaned up Crap here and there
  • Made the Phantom Jaguars more usable

New to version 3.3

  • Friends Pages are back!!  The Slow Speed Connections are available
  • Alley and Kristiana's Business page started
  • Got Live Motion 2.0 Demo and thus new headers coming faster
  • Troop 45 Site made as nice as I get get it before Graphic and external support integration
  • Slight upkeep on a few friends pages
  • Planned layout for Friends Flash Page
  • Amnesty International and Young Democrats Started

New to version 3.2

  • Main Page has been redone!  Entirely!  New graphics all around
  • Ground work has been laid for page by page make over
  • Emily got her own page
  • Ground Work set up for next update (I forgot what I did)
  • Claire's Page Removed

New to version 3.1

  • Live Motion Graphics! New buttons that glow
  • As usual, pages have been updated, changed, etc...you don't care
  • Some useless BS has been removed
  • Preparations for the new make-over
  • Tailored up Remy's page a bit

New to version 3.0

  • Claire, Gideon, and Remy all have pages now!!
  • I updated the introduction!
  • Some useless BS has been removed
  • JAVA Applet improved
  • Updates made to Homecoming and Pictures of Friends sections
  • New Pages!!! Pictures of Friends, and Homecoming!!
  • Added a JAVA Applet to the front page, linking to many places
  • Removed the little used button to The Collective
  • A new server!   Thanks to Matt Reddick for the new set up!!
  • Homepage tweaked, Alley's button added
  • Thumbnail style pages for Anne
  • Desktop Backgrounds page adjusted
  • Graphics Page thumb-nailed
  • Laura's page added
  • Links and Downloads pages updated and made more functional

New to version 2.0

  • Raven's page has a picture that's no longer linked to Crosswinds
  • Fixed this pages headers to be constant
  • New roll-over HTML techniques that shouldn't be nearly as slow as FP's
  • Picture frames on Main Page now have roll-over HTML
  • Cleaned up my server some!!
  • Anne's Page has more stuff added
  • Kevin's Page updated some
  • Moved a few graphics around

New to version 1.9

  • Various clean ups and changes
  • New Button Graphics that look like they glow more
  • New Email Link picture
  • Attempted clean non-Front Page mouse-over HTML to main page
  • Gearing up for 2.0 Going Public release
  • Fixed the little blinking bug with the MB page
  • Stacy's page is now officially added and sanctioned
  • Preview page for the broken desktop background fixed 
  • Message Boards have been given non-crosswinds backgrounds
  • Jeremy's Web Site completed
  • New Guest Book that works, with the old entries

New to version 1.8

  • Help page Email links updated, and page looked over
  • Main page Email link fixed, and text edited
  • Counter Removed because Bytecenter died.  The count was at 1100 something last time I checked
  • Guest Book down, because Bytecenter died, working on getting another
  • Anne's newly updated page
  • Jeremy's site added to my vast empire
  • Raven's page added to the collective

New to version 1.7

  • Some downloads links fixed
  • Large chunk of Phantom Jaguars fixed up
  • Rita's new web page
  • Backgrounds for Message Boards are newer and larger
  • Counter works again, but isn't fancy anymore
  • Downloads section largely complete!
  • A few pictures added to the Other Legos Page

New to version 1.6

  • Updated Desktop Backgrounds page for all you losers with 800x600 Resolutions.  It's now got a table and no horizontal scroll bar.
  • Fixed some Email links to work for my new address
  • Tidied up on the main page
  • Set up potential for downloads page
  • Added link to the Miniatures Page

New to version 1.5

  • Updated Desktop Backgrounds
  • Lego Pictures Tailored a bit
  • A few pages deleted
  • The Collective
  • The T45 Web Page!
  • This Updates Page!
  • Finally fixed those dumb back to top buttons
  • JAG's Funny Story!

New to version 1.4

  • Many general pages updated
  • Totally new message boards
  • Blank page place holder for Old Dog
  • Homepage has been resized for all you shmucks with low resolutions

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