Pictures of Friends!
Pictures from just about any time I had a camera with me.  You'll see many people you recognize here!

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Phase Out
So low and behold this web site is out of date. Yeah, who'd have known. I keep it here now only as an example of what my web site used to look like, nothing more.
Links here are still active, but there's really nothing on this subsite. The old personal pages have been mostly elimianted as well. RIP.

I Want College Pictures!!!
So low and behold, I come to school and suddenly everyone here wants to see pictures of themselves.  Go figure!  Well for all of you who want to see what it's like here at U of I, check out the College Pictures!!

The Hip Hop Project
The page is just in design concept stages right now, but take a look and tell me what you think!  I'm going for barely professional with a cool underground look.

The Hip Hop Project

My Policy and Disclaimer

Desktop Backgrounds
Check out a host of cool looking Desktop Backgrounds and Graphics to download and see every time you turn on your computer!


Formal Pictures
Pictures from various formal dances during my high school and college career.