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This site is going to be switched over to a completely flash format when I find time. I am excited to revive the concept, so hopefully soon...


Now features flash and has been recoded to meet contemporary standards. Dead links are tagged and the site has been restructured to be an archive.

You can find remnants of just about every organization or project I've ever been involved in here. Go wild and enjoy.

What Happened?

Some may remember this site being pretty different place than it is now. used to be a gateway to all the things I did in college. I decided to revive the concept but in new form and also keep an archive of what once was. You can still read the original explanation.
Travel Back

Read N'Squak Editorials is the place to scope out the hearsay from the old Glen Ellyn thinkers, dreamers, and ranters. See if you can find...
Alternative Perspectives


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