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Random Recording

The basement has become my recording studio, but more importantly a hang out. A place to escape to, with friends, with family, and just to be alone. The craft on this page was concocted there... save for the exception of Mr. Ben Campbell, who I recorded with in my basement away from home - my room at school. Enjoy.

Kristin Ginger

Music composed by my little sister and hero. Yes I hold her as dear to my heart as Rasputin and Carla from Scrubs.

Kristin Ginger - Mother's Day (1.56 mb, 160 kbps)

PianoComposed by Kristin Ginger, edited and acompanied by Jeff Ginger (aka I did all the computer stuff like making instruments and cheating so Kristin doesn't make mistakes or have bad timing, but shhhh we don't want to hurt her feelings!). The name... well we're going to give it to my mom as a Mothers Day gift so as to avoid spending real money. Kristin you owe me 30$ for the last one, by the way.

Instruments - Steinway piano, full strings section (lighter attack and longer sustain), full string section with spizicatto (that trilly upbeat movie shit), a couple of flute V's (one high, one low) and I may or may not have left in some pizicatto strings or harp, depending on how you're feeling.

Ben CampbellBen Campbell

So a little about Ben. He, umb, rocks, and may or may not be a philosopher in training. He's got about a CD's worth of material under construction. He sings, plays guitar, and steals my computer and makes cellos come out.

He's also a master of Super Mario Brothers.

Download a couple of his songs here (128 kpbs):

Ben Campbell - Wendy (with strings! And a little layering... more to come later!)
Ben Campbell - Dumb and Crazy (soft and emotionally gripping... or at least emotionally clasping)

Ben has a MySpace web site as well. There's more material up for download there!

MeganMegan and Will

A Lack of Color
Pioneered by Death Cab for a Cutie and our very own Brian Mitterer, who loves Death Cab more than life itself and possible as much as WarCraft, we decided to do a new unique spin-off of the original adding in our own vocal effects with both Megan and Will singing. Once again this is a pre-lim release, I'm waiting on borrowing a tambourine from Tom to finish it up.

Will and Megan - Death Cab for a Cutie - A Lack of Color (4.21 mb, 160 kbps)

Megan Whitney - Vocals
Will Morton - Rhythm guitar, vocals
Jeff Ginger - Effects, recording, and production

WillWinding Road
For those of you that are fans of the Garden State soundtrack, you'll know this song. It was compiled over the process of just one night, with Megan being completely new to recording. Megan wants you to know that this is just for fun, but Will lost four years off of his life as a result of such aforementioned 'fun'. Luckily he's made up for it by employing gnomes in slave labor to ensure that "Get a bum you hippie" is added to the English Oxford dictionary.

Will and Megan - Bonnie Sumerville - Winding Road (3.25 mb, 128 kbps)

Megan Whitney - Vocals
Will Morton - Rhythm guitar, decorative guitar, acoustic bass
Jeff Ginger - Recording and production

Brian Mitterer

Brian ContemplatingIntroductions and explanations coming...

Brian Mitterer - Ben Gibbard - Carolina (2.19 mb, 128 kbps)
Brian Mitterer - Brand New - Play Crack The Sky (11.3 mb, 320 kbps)

Brian Mitterer - Vocals, rhythm guitar
Jeff Ginger - Recording, sound effects, and production

Special Guests

Sean Sartell came all of the way out to visit Liz and they came by to hang out in my basement for a while.

       During the fray we recorded Iron and Wine - Naked As We Came (1.92 mb - 128 kbps)

I'm now hosting a recording by one of my good friends, Matt Reddick. It's designed to fit into a long stream of music made by many artists, so the first fifteen seconds are transition from the previous song. Everything in the track is original - the guitar is real and the backup synthesized.

       Download Matt's Demo Material (2.88 mb - 192 kbps)


PianoMia unfortunately decided she doesn't want to do any more recording with me. She's instead moved on to work with a friend in a professional recording studio. Regardless, the beginning of our work can be heard here, as well as the live material she performed at Avalanche Open Mic.

The preliminary "studio" recording of One Mind, One Heart (4.66 mb)

Avalanche Open Mic:

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