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Avalanche Open Mic

Over the course of 2004-2005 we had several different open mic nights take place in Snyder, all hosted by Avalanche. Artists of all sorts of walks in life came playing instruments ranging from piano to guitar to ukulele to flute to euphonium to just singing. I was able to do live recordings of each of the artists there and a selection of some of the best musical material from all of the open mics can be found below for download. If links are dead tell me!

Mike Miller

Mike Miller was a surprise at the December 2005 Open Mic. He came all the way from Tennessee to Illinois and blessed us with a few Christmas songs and carols after the event. His music is truly emotionally compelling and expertly performed.

Downloads for Mike Miller

Donnie Hall - Donnie and Turbo

The young aspiring artist Donnie Hall performed at both the first and second open mics. Donnie has a web site and refuses to let anyone pay money for his music, a policy I truly respect!

Downloads for Donnie Hall

Downloads for Donnie and Turbo

Nate Himes

If anyone has heard Jim Brickman before, they'll want to listen to Nate - he can give him a run for his money without a doubt. I managed to ask Nate to play on the fly at the end of our third open mic, and found it was one of the most incredible performances we heard - he composed everything himself.

Downloads for Nate Himes

Nick Donaldson and Mike Knepper

Also from the December 2005 Open Mic - In keeping with the season Nick and Mike played some traditional Christmas music with a bit of a jazz twist. Nick and friends will be putting together a number of songs in a premiere album soon.

Downloads for Nick Donaldson and Mike Knepper

Pat Cramer

So Ben and I think his voice is a bit of an offshoot of the lead singer of Sister Hazel - Pat was with us for every single open mic show. He has a whole slew of songs memorized, and a colorful bitter-sweet past that has served as an inspiration to write. Some of his best songs can be heard below.

Downloads for Pat Cramer

Darek Kawamoto

I'm pretty sure Moto can engage bullet time (like in the Matrix) when he's playing his Ukulele... because he moves faster than your average road runner. A Hawain native and authentic Snyder resident Darek's amazing powers of four stringed 'jumping flea' can be heard below.

Downloads for Pat Cramer

Sean Sartell

Our fearless leader and president... is a less than adequet title. Helping the hall go round (in circles) was only one of the many things Sean brought to Snyder. He's a talented musican, great friend, and an individual with both passion and vision. He has a great ability to empower people and give back to just about any community he's involved in. His work can be heard below.

Downloads for Sean Sartell


A sampling of the best work by some of the others who played at Open Mic is below. Once again, you can see a full listing on the Avalanche web site and send requests to me for items not listed here.

Jeff Recording
Donnie and Turbo
Donnie and Turbo Sketch by Julio Nate Himes sketch by Julio
Pat Cramer
Darek Kawamoto
AudienceSean Sartell
Dave Durham
Foley's Band
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