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Nate Dunn

Kid rocking outNate and I decided to break out the recording equipment over spring break and put together a demo. Much thanks to Sam and Joel for drum and moral support. Check out the material below - everything is original - written, composed and even choreographed by Nate Dunn.

*Actor to the right only plays Nate on TV and does not reflect the real life coolness of the aforementioned rock star.

192 kbps mp3 audio, Email me for alternate formats.

Nate Dunn - Collision and Coalescence (9.77 mb)
Nate Dunn - Tibolt's Revenge (9.81 mb)
Nate Dunn - Go Gadget Go
v1 (5.40 mb)
Nate Dunn - Go Gadget Go v2 (7.42 mb)

Nate Dunn - Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, song writing/composure
Sam Vincent - Drums, lots of drums
Jeff Ginger - Editing/recording and production
Joel Vincent - Moral Support

You can also download material from Nate's "Band" web site .

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