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Jeff Ginger

Right - so since I work on my own stuff a lot, figured I'd create a page for myself. I'd like to first explain - I'm not much of a musician. I know how to read music, know enough theory to modify what other people create, and have a reasonably okay ear. My singing comes close to shattering glass and killing baby kittens... and I occasionally bang around on the piano.

No my real talents lie in the realm of computers - recording, editing, and effects. Everything you hear here is work of mine that I've made on the computer. I use a basis of MIDI data, often provided off the web, and then pull it all together with Cakewalk Home Studio 2 and a number of DXI and VST pluggins.Currently I'm working with a number of Edirol products, East-West Quantum Leap packages, and Native Instruments based suites.

New Stuff

Will be coming when I do the JAG85 Vibes update. For now I'll toss up a few items. Some might be a little quiet, I haven't done final mastering yet!

Finished (I think?)

The songs I've finished - either for now, for real, or because I don't want to work on them anymore :)

My Immortal

What I consider to be my first real succesful major hybrid of human and computer created music - I was able to get a solid set of vocals from Brooke and then match them to various versions of the same MIDI set (though drastically altered). I have both a thin strings version (very cool alternative sound!) and full-blown orchestral set up for download. I also did a woodwinds version but wasn't completely happy with the sound. Ask me if you'd like to hear it. I think I can safely say this is the best work I've done to date.

Alicia's Pitch

I adjusted the pitch on a karaoke track sucessfully for the first time and managed to get something pretty good out of it. Alicia's vocals on top with minor edits (this is ogg format, download winamp if you want to hear it).

Moby Fun

Moby Remixed James Bond I remixed Moby MIDI. The consequence is a high energy sweet deal.

Highway Composite

Mike Pellegrino really wanted me to redux his favorite song so I made a slightly swank electronic version and a cooler (but slightly grating violins!) orchestral version.

Laura's Song

I think it's from Metroid but I'm really not sure. She picked it out and I revamped it from the MIDI. The choir sounds pretty good (this is ogg format, download winamp if you want to hear it).

That old Zelda Song

Redone to remove the bad sounding brass. Still has issues but I'm really okay leaving it as it is. There's a lot of different instrument parts in here, pretty cool to pick them all out.

Lisa, it's your Birthday

Originally created as a gift for my friend's sister I turned this (so as not to offend anyone I'm going to call it beginner quality) into this (almost reasonable).

In Progress

To be completed whenever, if ever, I find time.


John Phillips came up with the original MIDI and then I modified the crap out of it to make the beginnings of a truly awesome and epic piece. Gotta redo the brass part and add more to make an ending but I think I can really do something with this!

Peter Gun Theme

So much fun. Definately going to finish this one. More work with strings and rearranging the MIDI needed!

Van Halen - Right Now

I always used to love this song as a kid. It translates pretty well into a piano-strings piece. Still more to be done with the drums and more layers to be added.

The Verb Pipe - Freshman

Anyone want to sing this one? I'm going to soften the strings some and rework the drums, but I'd rather have a singer than the flute...

That Matchbox 20 Song

I liked the initial turn-out, just this is too repetitive without vocals. Good easy-listening music (this is ogg format, download winamp if you want to hear it).

Old Stuff

Dual DisplayA collection of songs that I've worked with in various capacities. All of it is based on MIDI note data, but modified from the original content scoured from the web. In many cases I change up the instruments and move notes, chords, whatever around as needed. Check it out!

Classic Rock

Elton John - Your Song (Karaoke - awaiting a vocalist!)

Instruments - Steinway piano, chromatic harp, slow strings ensemble, solo flute, fretless bass, DKH drums

Bruce Hornsby - That's Just the Way It Is (Karaoke - awaiting Ben!!)

Instruments - Steinway piano, slow strings ensemble, clean lead guitar, muted lead guitar, fretless bass, DKH drums

Classical and Orchestra

Billy Joel - Piano Man (no vocals needed)

An instrumental piano-only version of Piano man, it shows just how realistic piano can sound from a computer! Garratan provided Steinway only


Mr Big - To Be With You (Karaoke - awaiting Ben and backup vocals)

Instruments - Steinway piano, acoustic bass, clean lead guitar, simulated guitar frets, chromatic harp, slow strings ensemble, flute, french horn, and DKH drums

U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name (new instruments)

Instruments - Steinway piano, chromatic harp, pizzicato cello ensemble, solo french horn, violin ensemble, mixed DKH and VSC drums, guitar harmonics, fretless bass


Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To the Moon (Maybe Zach can sing this?)

Instruments - Alto sax group, string bass, electric bass, steinway piano, jazz guitar, vibraphone, DKH drums

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