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The Girls Next Door

The Girls Next Door are the University of Illinois' premiere female acapella ensemble. They got their start in 1971 as an elite group chosen from the University's Women's Glee Club, and have been amazing audiences with their beautiful harmonies and entertaining performances ever since. Their repertoire covers almost every genre, from popular music to jazz to country; the Girls Next Door really have something for everyone.

I have recordings from several of the individual girls here, check it out!

The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
Jamie and Alicia
Girls Next Door Impromptu Recording Session

Impromptu Recording Session

So Alicia called me up over break and asked if they could borrow a mic or... if I'd be up for recording the entire Girls Next Door for their next music video. I excitedly signed on without hesitation and... the results can be heard below!

Seasons of Love - Adapted from Rent, the musical
Solos by - Jamie Prosser

Note: The girls were too tired after singing all day to get past two takes for Seasons of Love, which was amazing as it was. I spliced them together to make the file above - my apologies about the mic puffs, we were using an instrument mic for percussion... and didn't get the volumes for the singer groups completely correct. Nonetheless it's great and you should listen!

Wanna Be - Originally by the Spice Girls
Solos by - Alicia Wojcik and Rebecca Zisook

Adapted by Alicia - Zach even choreographed a dance for it. To be seen later!

Alicia Wojcik

There aren't enough kind words in the existence of the english language to describe her. Maybe I'll make a web page about it.

Beacause of You by Kelly Clarkson is still under development and won't see the light of day with just Alicia, but I might pull something together combining her and Amanda. TBA.

In the meantime, Aleesh and I got together before the end of school (as in college!) and recorded Stronger by Brittany Spears just for fun. Note how close their voices sound to each other...

Stronger - Originally by Brittany Spears
Karaoke track with Alicia singing, effects by me though!

Amanda Paulson

Amanda is one of the more down to earth yet diverse people I've met in my years. Not only does she break into random accents while speaking, but she plays DDR and is also a masterful artist. She came over to visit during the summer of 2006 and we recorded a few songs to karaoke. Possibly more to come in the future.

The National Anthem - Originally by someone (1.55 mb)
I stole the introduction - yes that's me announcing Amanda - cheering effects added

Turn Me On - Originally by Norah Jones (2.38 mb)
Karaoke, but I might put up a Jazz club version based on MIDI and Garritan

Spoiled - Originally by Joss Stone (3.84 mb)
Also a karaoke based track, editing done with Amanda's 'ear' assistance


Jamie Prosser

I Don't Know Why I didn't Come Away With Me

I started work with Jamie - who both sounds and looks a lot like Norah Jones! Beyond this she radiates with as much passion as talent and can't help but spread the energy. More material to come in the future for sure, check out her first below:

Norah Jones - Don't Know Why (3.51 mb)
Instruments - Well this one was all Karaoke :) I did all of the vocal editing though!

Brooke Bachelor

[Clever Title better than "No Sunsets Here" Required]

So Brooke and I fired up the recording thing this weekend with a few explorations into jazz. Brooke has a keen eye towards classic jazz and a beautiful voice - and we put it to work with a few takes with Norah Jones. We're hoping to work on some Evanescence together coming up, too! Take a listen to the beginnings:

DXI Snyths and Plug-ins Version

Brooke Bachelor - Norah Jones - Sunrise (3.84 mb)
Instruments - Steinway Piano, solo double string bass, acoustic bass, chromatic harp, fretless guitar, DKH drums

Karaoke Version

Brooke Bachelor - Norah Jones - Sunrise (3.74 mb)
Downloaded karaoke, same vocal tracks as above

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