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03.31.09 | creative

Community Tech

PhD pursuits in library and information science

03.31.09 | academic

Sunset Stallion

I'm not talented, so I record & produce theirs

03.31.09 | groups

who is this guy?

meet the mastermind behind all of this, Jeff Ginger

03.31.09 | about

of dukes and ducks

I live vicariously through my freelance artist friends

03.31.09 | also

why jag85.com?

On the web people read in pictures.
A cutting-edge exhibition in cultivating creativity through art and intellect, JAG85.com is the personal-professional ensemble of grad student Jeff Ginger guided and illustrated by pictures! Just chase what looks interesting, updated every few months.

Looking for the old version? Don't worry, it's here.

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