The Holiday Project
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Feeling the Season

Looking for a way to entertain yourself during the long relaxing days of winter break? Find a few websites and activities below that can help pass the time!

Penguin Long Shot, Bloody VersionYeti-Games Gone Bad

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So you may be familiar with the series of Yeti-Olympic games. Luckily some sick jerk remade one of them into a totally sweet baby penguin abuse game. See how far you can get one to go!

Famouse Librarian Melissa says:

"I cringed, I cried, I shut it off. It was so disgusting I almost threw up"

With a review like that how can you refuse? Don't wait!

Play Baby Penguin Baseball


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Remember third grade when you'd actually get to cut up paper and make snowflakes for class? Yeah well it's time to bring that trend back! Put your powers of creativity to work. Not only can you make snowflakes, but you can download and Email them to friends and family.

There's no time to waste - Start the Flurries!

Brought to you by Barkley Evergreen & Partners, Inc.

Track SantaTrack Santa

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Want to know where that willy Reindeer wrangler is on Chritmas eve? Well it would seem the US government has come acustomed to escorting him with fighter jets and tracking him as they might a nuclear missile. Homeland security gone ary, it all dates back to a silly error in the 1955 Sears Catalog. Hey my dad used to work for them...

Stalk Santa Clause or Watch the Totally Awesomely Sweet Video

Holiday Recipes

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Taking suggestions for various things people cook/create/brew for the holidays!

Holiday Links

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This is just a collection of holiday related links I've been accumulating from suggestions


Christmas Carols & Holiday Music

Looking to get in the spirit of the holidays? Find music to match your moods here - for FREE!


Track Santa!

A throw back to the 1955 NORAD phone mix up, follow Santa as he travels the globe.


The History of Santa Claus

You might be surprised about the origins of the mythical figure we know today as Santa Claus!


Holiday History

Not familiar with some of the other winter time holidays? Learn about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the history of other holidays.