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the holiday project

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Feeling the Season

Winter Break, Online?

Merry Christmas!* This website is my Christmas gift to the universe. I figured it was about due, after all, my sister has been doing most of my holiday shopping for the past decade or so. In essense the purpose of this place is to entertain you during the holidays. You can find anything from free holiday music to causes to donate to to ways to decorate your computer up until it's completely undiscernable from your Christmas tree. So by all means, check it out, pass it on, and let me know if you have any suggestions for material I might add!

*Or Happy Holidays or whatever you'd prefer - Christmas as it's referenced here isn't about Jesus or Christianity, just love.

Who Do You Think You Are? Santa Claus?

If only I were that cool. No, my name is Jeff, I'm an over-zealous graduate student at the University of Illinois studying sociology, library & information science, and the art of finding cool ways to help people. I occasionally pretend to be an artist and make purdy websites, thus this little final paper procrastination project. Feel free to stalk me with questions!

























Christmas Carols & Holiday Music

Looking to get in the spirit of the holidays? Find music to match your moods here - for FREE!


Track Santa!

A throw back to the 1955 NORAD phone mix up, follow Santa as he travels the globe.


The History of Santa Claus

You might be surprised about the origins of the mythical figure we know today as Santa Claus!


Holiday History

Not familiar with some of the other winter time holidays? Learn about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the history of other holidays.