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Feeling the Season

Here we go again!

12.25.08 @ 5:14 AM

Phew! Almost forgot. This still remains a website with fun things to do during the holidays. Entertain your relatives or hide from them with music, pictures, and flash games.

[Last] Year...

12.21.07 @ 10:34 PM

Figured it was about time for an update to 2007! snowflakeNothing too new, just a few tweaks and updates to interactivity and layout. I'll add links and material as people suggest them!

Explanation of Christmas

12.23.06 @ 12:27 AM

I was asked to give an explanation of just what Christmas really is, and naturally I asked the expert on everything: the Internet. babycandycaneMy old friend/lover Wikipedia has something to say about it. Also third wheel Yahoo decided to yammer a few answers. One way or another, the spirit of the season is about giving and caring (something we ought to do all year round), and thus my creation in web form. Cheers!

Out-Of-Control Holiday Revelers Deck Shit Out Of Area Halls

12.14.06 @5:27 AM

Holiday celebrations took an extreme turn Out-Of-Control Holiday Revelers Deck Shit Out Of Area HallsSaturday as an unruly mob of out-of-control holiday revelers observed the shit out of the Christmas season, violently decking 11 area halls.

Calling all Cooks!

12.09.06 @ 1:52 AM

GingerbreadI'm looking for holiday recipes - people can contribute what they like, just Email me and I'll add it, the section will start off with a few gathered from the interweb.

Baby Penguins Fly and Explode

12.09.06 @ 1:50 AM

Due to popular demmand I've added a 'winter' game that may or may not have anything to do with the holidays.

XP themeWinter Computer Theme

Let your computer embody the spirit of the winter holidays! Download the Christmas Time windows XP theme by Includes new graphic interface styles, icons, calendar and more. Easy to install and uninstall, and is generally holiday (not x-mas) oriented and great for those who don't celebrate Christmas. You can even download more gadgets for the theme, such as a weather snowglobe or holiday analog clock object.

Note that this Windows XP theme is both free and does not have any adware or spyware included. Let me know if you have questions!

Download Holiday Desktop (6.13 mb)

Desktop Wallpaper and Pictures

Check out some of the desktop backgrounds and photos from the holiday picture section!

snowman pole holidaynight
winterstorm snowplay card


Make-A-FlakeRemember third grade when you'd actually get to cut up paper and make snowflakes for class? Yeah well it's time to bring that trend back! Put your powers of creativity to work. Not only can you make snowflakes, but you can download and Email them to friends, family, and rivals.


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Christmas Carols & Holiday Music

Looking to get in the spirit of the holidays? Find music to match your moods here - for FREE!


Track Santa!

A throw back to the 1955 NORAD phone mix up, follow Santa as he travels the globe.


The History of Santa Claus

You might be surprised about the origins of the mythical figure we know today as Santa Claus!


Holiday History

Not familiar with some of the other winter time holidays? Learn about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the history of other holidays.