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This is the section of my Web Site devoted to showing people what kind of terrain I like to play a game called Battletech on.  Battletech is a strategy war game that my friends and I like to play, ask me sometime if you have any questions about it, or are interested in learning how to play.  The general idea is that you get big machine-robot things called mechs and go around blowing up your enemies, using tactics, technology, and luck.  It's a fairly complicated game, but I'm sure anyone can play.

The Terrain Park as of late has had a sort of 'big' change - meaning my mom tried to throw it away.  I wouldn't let her - but it's currently in storage here until I find a good place to put it.  Come summer I'll see what I can do!.

A picture taken from the "North" end, showing a typical entrance point for players invading the city.
Even deeper into the City, to one of the largest buildings.  The building in the center of this picture has a tunnel, as well as ramp systems to get on top of it.  The frozen river also runs under.  The front part has an out-cropping with real Plastic sky windows.
Moving to the left from the north end, into the middle area.  This is usually the place to find most of the fighting, be careful to watch your back.
The "South" end of the Terrain Park, usually the place where the city defenders start or fall back to.  The Dropship Construction Facility can be seen in the background.
A view from the North End.  "Over the River and through the city, to Grandmother's Dropship we go..."
A view from the South End.
The Ramp System on the large-tunnel building.
Close up on the other end of the ramp.
Secondary bridge on the North end.
Bridge on the South end.
Looking down the frozen and snow covered river on the South end at a Kraken, who won't hesitate to shoot you.
Closer view on the center area.
West side view of the center area.
West side street way.
Dropship Facility with Puma and Infantry Guarding!
Tall Building near large bridge on North side.
Overall Shot of most of the Terrain Park!