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Phantom Jaguars

Here's a collection of two stories that have been written about my unit, I plan to write more, but have not had the time.

The Phantom Jaguars Entrance
The Phantom Jaguars Settle In

The Grand Entrance

Star Captains Log,

Well, I am glad that we finally have left the Free-Lancers.  While they were quite hospitable, they proved to be to lousily organized, and undisciplined.  Their honor was to each other, and not necessarily to their foes, no matter how formidable.  By no means were they Dzegra, but I fear that their influence for too long would corrupt my own unit.  Thus I have parted with them, maintaining a peace pact with their high command.  I now head towards the Clan Home Worlds once again, without having to fear the Jaguar, the Wolf, or reprisal of the New Star League.  Too long have I been starved of honorable battle.  The Inner Sphere is devoid of it, so my attention has been turned to the home clans.  While the Free-Lancers did provide my unit with ammunition, and even a Hatchet, even my formidable technicians were not able to keep everything running.  I need Clan resources, which are not available readily in the Inner Sphere.  So now I turn to Clan Star Adder, the new lead Crusader Clan, the one with the best hope.  They are the most likely to accept my largely freebirth unit, and have proven themselves worthy in the Great Refusal.  The recent removal of their SaKhan showed that the Burrock corruption runs deep, and will be difficult to squelch, but I am sure Khan N’Buta will be able to complete the daunting task.  But enough of this.  The Jumpship will be arriving in system soon, I must prepare my unit for landing.


Star Adder Dominion
Ares’s Might—Aegis-Class Warship
Acardian System, high orbit

Brent leaned back taking a sip of his coffee.  This Warship duty was rather boring.  Here he was, on one of the Mightiest Starships of the entire Star Adder Fleet, and all he got to do was stare at a small radar screen with little aerospace fighter blips on it.  This was about as exciting as it got, when the patrols changed up.  He once again let out a sigh, wishing he could join front line battle in some warship deep in the Inner Sphere.  But all that wouldn’t be possible, with the other incompetent clans failing in the Great Refus—his thoughts were suddenly interrupted, “Star Commander!  You are resting at your post!  I have informed you of the results of that kind of behavior before!  You will maintain complete dedication to your duty, it is your duty to your Clan!”  Brent automatically straightened up in response, not even bothering to face is Commanding Officer.  He had been especially edgy the past few days, and he did not know why.  Either way, he was right, he had to shape up, or else.  Only now did he notice the large green blip on his radar screen.  Stravag!  He had been distracted by his officer’s reprimand!  “Star Commodore!  I have detected a Jumpship class vessel's entry on a pirate Jump Point!  It appears to have launched dropships that are sailing towards the planet.  The identification numbers are identical to those of a destroyed Smoke Jaguar Vessel.  Estimated time until intercept is ten minutes.  Judging from the ion trails left by the sublight drives of the dropships, I’d guess that they consist of a Leopard Class, Union Class, and something like an Achilles.  Should we move to engage?”  Brent slowly turned around to face what he expected to be a look of anger on his commanding officer.  Instead he turned to see him smiling.  His Senior Officer responded, “Neg, do not engage.  Good work Star Commander.  Call to the surface and inform Star Colonel Maeko Guidice of their presence.  The reason that I’ve been so anxious the past few days is that the SaKhan informed me that our crew would under go a surprise test inspection over the next few days.  I am fairly certain this is it.  The ships were unable to sneak past us, a show of our technical expertise.  We must make sure that there is a welcoming party, quiaff?”

Brent was unsure of what his commander meant by a welcoming party, or why he was so confident, but responded, “Aff.  We shall.”  He then keyed the communications.  “Ares’s Might to Ground Head Quarters come in”  A crackly female voice responded quickly, “Yes, we read you, what is it?”  Brent responded with pride, “We have a message for the Star Colonel…”


Star Adder Dominion
Arcadian Planet Surface Red Viper Military Base

All was a normal night on the surface, until the loud rumbling of Dropships could be heard.  Three of the Silver Black vessels glided down into the atmosphere heading towards the landing pad of the Viper Military Base.  The different lights on the shadow like vessels blinked in unison.  They blazed over the jungle trees, making an almost scenic view of the jungle, with an active volcano peeking up in the distance, top glowing smoking slowly.  The same volcano that provided energy for the base, many miles away whose lights filled the landing pad with brilliant white light.  Finally the dark shapes came to a soft landing on the various run ways and landing pads of the Viper Base.  Loud hisses and metal cranking sounds could be heard as the cargo doors opened all at the same time, slowly and methodologically.  Fumes were sprayed out of exhaust ports on the ships blanketing the area with an eerie white smoke.  That’s when they appeared.  Battlemechs, Elementals, Vehicles, all of them came out with clean crisp organization, lining up in parade formation, each star in a delta formation, and the entire unit forming up into a giant delta formation.  A group of figures including several Elementals and the Star Adder SaKhan came walking out of the main building.  On the other side a similar formation of warriors appeared from the Dropships.  The two groups slowed and met in the middle of the landing field, making a grand picture.


Star Commander Drake Osis looked directly on at the SaKhan of the Star Adders.  His uniform was impressive, black knee high boots, combined with Black Jumpsuit, with red vertical strips running up the legs and arms.  The black leather shined with the white lights, which also illuminated the red inside of his long black cape.  He extended his black glove out towards the SaKhan knowing fully how he would react.  The SaKhan stopped and looked strangely at him, perhaps pondering what he was doing.  He then spoke.  “Fear not SaKhan.  This is a gesture of Welcome, it is known as a hand shake, it is not widely known among the clans, but is a ritual that I have found worthy of keeping.  I am Star Captain Drake Osis of the Phantom Jaguars.  I had already contacted you and informed you of my arrival, I trust my appearance here was not a surprise, as your formidable Warship crews should have been able to detect me.  I wish to formally arrange the joining of the Phantom Jaguars to the Star Adders.  If it is approved by yourself, I request to join Epsilon Galaxy, perhaps reinforcing your Arcadian Devils Assault Cluster.”  The SaKhan maintained his straight face, but Drake knew he was hiding the surprise he felt, “If you are unsure of how I am so knowledgeable of the Star Adder Touman, I will remind you of our time spent with the Inner Sphere Free Lancers.  While they were badly organized, they did not lack in intelligence information.  What of you, SaKhan, what is your stance?  Shall we meet in your Citadel later?”


OOC: ICER, I hope you can latch on here better than Raven did when he was asked to respond to my story to him.  Storm actually provided all of the information about the Free Lancers, and enacted as their leader.  SO, I’ve got an additional story to go along with this, but I want to give you a chance to respond.  If you’re interested I can give you the Phantom Jaguar ZIP.  Our forces consist of a Trinary, our color theme is Black Base with Silver Highlights.  Our field uniforms are like yours, suitable to whatever environment, while our Dress Uniform has a long black cape, with silver inside, Black base and silver highlighted jump suit, similar to what’s seen in the MechWarrior 2 RPG Book.  Any other questions you know where to contact me.


-Star Captain Drake Osis of the Phantom Jaguars-

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Settling In

Star Captains Log 327.38.86.3060

Our first days here have gone well, and it seems my troops are more comfortable than they ever were with the unruly Free-Lancers.  Already my technicians are starting repairs, and they are much needed on the Jumpship.  Now that we have Star Adder supplies, we are able to once again make Sigma Provisional Star Operational, I assume it will be added to one of the Binaries of the Cluster.  The Aerospace assets that we had have now been merged with the Aerospace Binary, and with the new supplies, we have been able to salvage the damaged ones into working condition.  With that added on we now have a Trinary of Aerospace support.  Also, with the increased number of Star Adder Elementals, we are able to field all 75 Elemental Suits captured from the Jumpship, and old base strongholds.  I would say that things are looking up, if it were not for the Star Colonel.  He seems almost mystic at times, and cryptic in his actions.  I must give him credit for getting parts so quickly, but question how he manages to pull it off.  I am sure with time he will come around.


Arcadia, 11:00 Night
Technology Research and Repair Facility
Phantom Jaguar Technicians


Susan looked up to see the men entering the hanger.  Good she thought.  They would be bringing the supplies of newer Heavy Lasers, as well as experimental ammunition for the ATM systems.  Clan Coyote would surely be enraged when they found out that the Star Adders had gained the technology they worked so hard on, to make, as well as protect.  And they would never knew who gave it to them either.  Nonetheless, master tech Rebecca was moving towards the group with a small computer.  Then Susan noticed something.  While the leader of the small group of men looked like a standard Star Adder technician, with the insignia, and manner of acting, the others were underdressed, and looked almost like gruff barbarians.  While freebirths often dressed and acted differently, these men didn’t even seem to fit on that level.  She quickly walked over to the group, noticing now the white star insignia on each of their messed up uniforms.  Was she mistaken, or was that a Diamond Shark symbol within the star?  As she approached, she heard the conversation more clearly, “Alright Technician, I’ve logged it all, and made a note for your codex about your speed with the delivery.  Now, will you scurry along and get to your other duties?”  The Star Adder Technician turned to leave, but was stopped by one of the other barbaric men, who replied, “Now hold on a second.  You said that when we got here we’d get some coffee, now tell me, tech, where it’s at?  Sure you get all prettied up on your codex in all, but us laborer’s don’t get nothing—so I want my sweet Coffee, you understand that?”  Susan started to step forward, “You slimy stravag!  You dare speak to a member of a higher cast like—“  She was cut off mid sentence by Master tech Rebecca’s cold look.  She knew all too well what that meant.  She immediately shut her mouth.  Rebecca then said, “Well, gentlemen, while it is not custom to aid those of a lower cast in the hospitable condition, I will reward you for your services.  I have actually got something for you over here.  It is not coffee, but I am sure you will appreciate alcohol even better, quiaff?”  “Neg,” replied the Star Adder Technician, “I must be going, lest I be late for my other endeavors.”  “Very well then, what of you then?” she said turning to the gruff looking laborers.  “Oh yes indeedy!  We’ll definitely have some of that!  Set me up!”  Susan sighed as she saw Rebecca turn and walk toward the back table, but as she passed, she noticed a different look to her eyes.  Perhaps she was on to something.  Then she noticed it.  Rebecca silently and discretely poured some of the drink into a glass, she then slipped something small out of her pocket, and broke it open into the pitcher.  It fizzed up wildly, and as she turned around to serve it, the laborers, who had already followed her over there, snatched it from her fighting each other over who would get the first swig.  One of them finally over powered the other, and drank half.  He then gave the remains to his comrade, who finished it off.  The first turned to ask for more, staggering a bit, then collapsed.  His friend, just a few seconds after.  Susan walked over looking down at the two brutes, wonder what Rebecca planned to do with them.  Rebecca explain, “See I did learn something from those Free Lancers.  The proper use of alcohol and sedatives.  At any rate, when they brought in the supplies, I ran checks on their identification.  Only the Star Adder tech came up, and it turns out he was a former Burrock.  I have a feeling that these are not laborers.  Look at the insignia, and their manners.  I think it is best if we take this to the Star Captain, quiaff?”  “Aff,” Susan replied, “Aff.”


Aerospace Patrol Inspection
Arcadian high orbit
12:00 PM


Two Sabutai Fighters streaked through space in high orbit of Arcadia.  They were heading on an intercept course with a Dropship and Jumpship, both Diamond Shark Vessels.  They were there to see how the Star Adder Patrols handled things.


“Roger that command, we are heading for them now.”  Rick keyed off the communications.  A Jumpship had just come in system, and a dropship was heading up from the surface of the planet.  “So Wedge, what do you think, does that dropship look more like space junk, or a Diamond Shark trade ship?”  Wedge came in over the com laughing, “Well I do not know Rick, perhaps they are not as well of economically as they claim.  But back to the mission, we have to see how the Star Adders work this out.  I made a quick background check on the pilots, and it seems both are of the same Burrock unit, that was dispatched quickly in the absorption.  Stay sharp.”  Rick, who had been fiddling with his instruments during the time Wedge was speaking looked up to see the two smaller Avars heading along side the Dropship.  The ship was leaving a day earlier than scheduled, and had not reported to anyone why.  Rick set the com for his message, “Attention Dropship Harrier, you are leaving the planet Arcadia one day early.  Scans of your ship’s speed and movement, as well as inventory checks before take off, indicate that your cargo hold is most likely not completely empty yet.  Why are you departing so early?”  And he thought to himself, the party has yet to begin.  “We read you loud and clear Aerospace Patrol, nice to see you out here this morning.  We’re leaving one day earlier, as we told our Star Adder inspectors here, because we need resupply to our fuel, it seems your planet cache’s of Dropship fuel were out.”  Rick opened up com on a private channel to Wedge “That is complete bullshit!  I checked the cache’s yesterday when we were refueling our own dropships and there was plenty.  What do you think?”  “Well, check this out, I hacked into the a private channel going from the Star Adder Avars to the Dropship, just tell them they’re okay.”  “Attention Diamond Shark Dropship, you are cleared to proceed.  Have a nice trip.”  “Okay, Wedge, let me hear.”  (Star Adder Com) “That was the lamest excuse I have ever heard!  These Phantom Jaguar boys must be really dumb.  So why are you leaving early anyway, Bob?”  “We lost two of our supply delivery boys, and thought they might be on to us.  But if they’re as dumb as they seem here, I wouldn’t worry about it.  But you know with the SaKhan being busted and all, tightening up security around our operations is vital to our survival.  So we’ve got to get out of here.  See ya in a few months.”  (end transmission)  “Wedge, they are Bandits.  We Cannot let them get away!  On my mark rake the Jumpship sails.  They have only been here an hour or so, and will not be able to jump without a recharge.  Go!”


The Two Sabutai accelerated to attack speed firing missiles, lasers, and Gauss Rifle slugs into the sails, shredding them in a matter of minutes.  Smoke Jaguar Command had been notified, and the Achilles IIC Dropship, the Dark Star, had moved into pacify the situation.  The Avar Star Adder Fighters had stood down, and returned to the surface.  Two days later, after interrogations, the situation had been revealed.


To SaKhan ICER:


Recent investigations of the Arcadian Devils Cluster have come to an unfortunate conclusion.  We have discovered several former Burrocks who were aiding the Bandit Caste in their dealings.  The Bandits, under the cover of being Diamond Sharks merchants, were making a hefty profit in exchange for bringing the Star Colonel of the Arcadian Devils new mechs and equipment.  It seems the former Burrock commander was quite acustomed to working with their caste, and would stop at nothing to gain his unit back.  He had planned to eventually replace the Epsilon Galaxy Commander, a long time rival of his, who also was against the Bandit Caste.  The complete analysis of the situation has been included as a report in this letter.  The above are excerpts from the situations that we gained telling proof from.  I will let you bring this matter to the Khan if you feel necessary, or judge it yourself.  In either case, I feel it is a matter of great importance, and the Bandits should be dealt with appropriately.  For the right of Kerensky.  Selah.

-Star Captain Drake Osis-


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