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The Phantom Jaguars
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This is a collection of pictures of some of the better Battletech miniatures that I've assembled and painted.  There are actually quite a few more of these, but below are most of the well painted ones.  If plastic miniatures are included, my friends and I total nearly 100 miniatures.  Take a look at the minis Park pictures to see some of them!

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A Phantom Jaguars Mad Cat.

A close-up on the Mad Cat, notice the black missile tubes and cockpit frames--both were hard to do.

An Inner Sphere Tarantula Quad Battlemech.

Another view of the Tarantula, notice the minis paint job.  This mech was fairly tough to assemble.

A Summoner painted with a Jungle Camouflage theme.  Yes, I know camouflage shouldn't reflect light, but tell me again how to hide a 12 meter 70 ton Battlemech with camouflage paint...

A Phantom Jaguar Storm Crow, Primary configuration.

This Phoenix Hawk used to represent a Phantom Jaguar Hell Spawn (Clan Vixen), but no longer does so.  It still looks cool, though!

Yet another Jade Falcon Battlemech (Hellbringer Prime) with Camouflage paint...I think I'm detecting a trend!

The Kraken second line Battlemech, primary variant.  Has some really far reaching AC's, but not a whole lot of punch with them.

I always wonder why FASA thinks mechs like this can balance...

A Huntsman Battlemech, with bright fancy camouflage paint and a silver reflective cockpit windshield!

A front line Phantom Jaguar Hellfire OMNI mech.  It's virtually unrivaled in fire power by any other 60 ton clan battlemechs.

The Phantom Jaguar Hell Spawn OMNI mech.  Based on a Vixen chassis.  Nearly as fast as a Fire Moth, but with significantly more armor and 50% more of a weapons payload.

This is how a Fire Moth should look!  With a beautiful Brown and black paint scheme, this little model sports normal looking arms...strangely they seem to have the thumbs on the bottom...

The Phantom Jaguars Star of Centaur Protomechs, as well as a point of Elementals.  The Point leader has a yellow arm band, can you find him?

A Close up on the paint jobs for the Protomechs.  Yes, I did get the visor slits on the elementals.  The Protomechs have a Raccoon style face paint job.

A Yellow Jacket Dire Wolf Prime.  Care to feel his Sting?  

A desert camouflage painted Dire Wolf, just recently done.

A Phantom Jaguar Black Rhino.  The windshield is even sparkling in this picture!  Notice how this Behemoth, unlike normal mini behemoths, faces forward, not down.

A Phantom Jaguar Arcadian Viper (based on a Viper Chassis).  This Battlemech usually features a mix of Streak Short Range Missile's and lasers, often times ER and Heavy versions.

Despite what it looks like, the paint on this Canis is really gray and metallic blue.  Oh well.

A very cool looking Canis Battlemech.  Black, dark Blue, and Silver.  Could easily represent a remake of the model.

Camoflauge painted Jade Falcon Elementals.  There's a HoverCraft of some sort in the background.  I'm not sure what it is...

A Phantom Jaguar Dark Star Prototype.  Based on a modified Mad Dog Chassis, this little beast has jump jets and a MASC system.  A very effective mech.

A camouflage painted Fenris.  Notice the identical arms, this is clearly not the primary variant.  I don't remember which one it is, but if any of you are fanatics about getting different variants of mechs...

This, as can be clearly seen, is a Raven.  There's a second unpainted one in its bubble in my room.  That one belongs to Storm!

A Mist Lynx, with Yellow Active Probe!

Heh, heh, heh....Member #1 of the 3I Company.

This Shadow Hawk IIC greets you to see the other miniatures off camera.  I know the Black, Blue, Silver, and Yellow combination isn't great.  I plan to fix that.

A Hellhound, or Conjurer.  It was the first Battlemech I fully assembled and painted.  Took me a bit to get the paint job right, as you see it now.

A WarHawk, ready to blend in with my all white snow covered minis Park!

This one just screams: HOLLANDER! Member #2 of the 3I Company.

Everyone start drooling and offer me outrageous sums of money for this one...common!  (It's really plastic, I need to do a theme for it as well!)

Camellias the Storm Crow.

This is a custom assembled mech.  Mad Cat torso, Cauldron Born torso pods for arms, Vulture Missile Pods for side torsos, Black Lanner legs.  Blue, Red, and Black paint scheme.  I named him Lucifer.

3I Company member 3: Fluffy Love the Shogun.

A Battlemaster, Silver, Black and Red.  One of my earlier models, this one actually needs touch up.

MACKIE!!!!!!   Member #4 of the 3I Company!  Painted nicely by my friend.  Touched up by me.

A Blue, White, and Orange Stealth.  This is member #5 of the 3I Company!

A clan Adder.  This has a splotchy camouflage style gold and black paint job.  It actually looks pretty cool in person, it shines funny in this picture.

Above is member #6 of the 3I Company.  He's a funny looking Yeoman, painted by my friend.

Here's #7 of the 3I company, the leader.  Her name is Valentine.  She still needs her toe nails painted...