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The Phantom Jaguars
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This is a collection of various graphics from things.  If you have a picture of yours that you want put up just write me, I'd be happy to throw it up online, assuming it's appropriate.  JAG

Babylon 5

Battletech Pictures:

A map of the Inner Sphere in the year 3060.  This should give you a good idea where each faction comes from, and what their symbol is.  If you're new to Battletech, then this is a map that you can look at and get an idea of how things work.  Clan Smoke Jaguar is sort of wiped off the map and replaced by the Draconis Combine soon, however, and the Saint Ive's Compact is absorbed by the Capellians as well.  But it is fairly accurate.
A picture of the outside of an Elemental, protected from the various elements of the war zone around him.  A man screams in pain in front of him, reflected by the Elemental's polarized view plate.  Nice color variance.  You notice it's a Jade Falcon Elemental as well...

 Various other cool Battletech pictures can be found below.  They all are from the game MechWarrior 3.

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Babylon 5 Pictures

Ask me for explanations, in making the thumbnails I deleted the insets for each picture.

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