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The Drawing Board (3326 KB)
The best free Battlemech creation program out there.  It's easy to use and has a huge number of options available.  A must for any Battletech player who expects to make Battlemechs.  Important to note that the files below contain the mechs from all of the Tech Read Outs, that way you can instantly print up any variant of any mech in any tech read out.  Don't go gung ho and create all sorts of custom mechs and expect me to let you use them.  I'll recycle them.

All Tech Read Out Collections belong to no one!

Battletech Read Out 3025 (137 KB)
The basic level one mechs of the Succession Wars.  A good place to start for new Battletech players, and every player should be at least some what familiar with the designs.

Battletech Read Out 3050 (78 KB)
The ten most famous and important Clan Battlemech, plus the updates of many Inner Sphere mechs, as well as a few new ones.  This doesn't have any of that new 3050 readout crap, it's got all the great old mechs.

Battletech Read Out 3055 and 3058 (128 KB)

Battletech Read Out 3055
Clan Second Line Battlemechs, plus a few new clan OMNI mechs.  All sorts of good Inner Sphere technology.
Battletech Read Out 3058
Nice new Inner Sphere mechs, including the new Inner Sphere OMNI Mechs.  Also some of the lesser clan mechs, both second line and new OMNI's. 

Battletech Read Out 3060 (86 KB)
The newest Inner Sphere and Clan technology.  There's a lot of really good mechs of each.  But don't assume that mechs from this readout are the best, I'll tear the hell out of anything with the 3050 Daishi [Dire Wolf] anyway. 

Battletech Read Out 2750 (35 KB)
The Older Star League Mechs.  These were used by the Com Guards at Tukayyid, and by the Draconis Combine after it traded with ComStar for the Free Rassaulge Republic.  Sometimes older is best...

Protomech Creation Program (546 KB)
A program for creating Protomechs.  Don't be silly and make custom Protomechs.  They won't happen.  If you're really hell bent about making a custom one, then read the section in the 3060 TRO, and give me a REALLY GOOD Story about it.  Questions?

Protomechs (2 KB)
The Protomechs created by Clan Smoke Jaguar that are found in the back of the 3060 Tech Read Out.  Made by me!

The Vehicle Creator (3544 KB)
A good vehicle creation Program, not as nice as the Drawing Board, but good anyway.  I have no already made vehicle files for it.  Sorry.

My Remade Aerospace Fighter System Sheets (11 KB)
If you plan to use my new Aerospace construction system, then download these sheets.

Small Elemental Record Sheet (1417 KB)
A more detailed and modular sheet for keeping track of our little 3m tall friends, Elementals.  Complete with Armor Bubble diagram and all the information you might need about the suits during a game!  Made by me!

JAG's Amazing Battle Space Spread Sheets! (20 KB)
These are much nicer then any of those crappy things you'd find at Sarna.  This is about as close to a real program as I can get, unless you want me to do a DOS console program (and wouldn't that just bite).  Includes sheets for Dropships, Jumpships, and Warships.  Also has a limited README with weapon stats and other sheet use notes.

Mech Writer (60 KB)
Mech Writer is a program that I created that takes the answers you give to a bunch of questions and then formats a file with HTML script for a Battlemech.