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The Phantom Jaguars
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Battletech Miniatures

Battletech Miniatures
Wonder what those little black things are on the Terrain Park?  Take a tour here for a closer look at some of my miniatures.

Terrain Park

Battletech Terrain Parks
Take a look at my Winter Wonderland Urban Terrain Park.

Lego Pictures

Lego Graphics Archive
Check out pictures of many of my Lego Creations, including my Transforming Warship that's over 3 feet in length, and 18 inches tall in "Guardian" mode.


This is a compilation and cut-down of all the oldest pages here at  Once upon a time I was fortunate to have enough free time on my hands and interested friends to play the game Battletech, amongst several RPG's over the span of a few years. Now I'm off in college and preoccupied with other parts of life.  I may be able to play some time in the distant future - if I can find players and a place to resurrect my Terrain Park.  In the meantime, here lies a glance of the past.

My Work Here

Regardless, I'd like the work and life I poured into the game to live on.  I've constructed this satellite web site to augment all the things you can find here at  Here lies the Phantom Jaguars, my unit that I created for Battletech and saw through the progression of the game.  I also have a limited, but highly useful, collection of downloads for the game. These downloads are subject to relocation and modification as they are low priority - don't make permanent links to them!   You'll be able to find good programs written by me and others that will help speed game preparation. 

Cry Freedom

I'm pretty sure Jason has lied thsi project to rest, but the remainder of a new RGP system, Cry Freedom, has a web home here.  If you're a game tester you might find this material interesting, I keep it up for old times sake.

-[Cry Freedom Page]-

Legos aren't from Battletech!!

Very astute observation.  I moved the legos pages here because few people who visit my personal site actually care about them.  I've found that more fans are of the gaming type than they are of the every day citizen type.  I hope you enjoy them, pass on the word to others who might be interested.

Also, I've moved the legos pictures into my formal pictures page for the sake of keeping track of everything.