This page last updated 07.2007

JAG85.com is Jeff Ginger's OLD personal web nexus. It's a web site years in the making dedicated to a great many projects, people, and organizations. Jeff has now formally retired the site as he's moved on to graduate school. You can find his new web work at JAG-wire.net.


Where to Go?

If you're new here then just know this: this website is the root to all of the others on JAG85.com. The drop down links above and site map connect to everything.  They're available on virtually every page of what's refereed to as the 'Gateway Site' - a sort of nexus to all that abounds on this URL. Dive in.

What You Can Find Here

Entertainment.  Reminiscence.  Usability.  Satisfaction of curiosity.  Help.  A place to leave your mark. Business opportunities. An academic resource. Pictures. Outreach and activism. Old games. Adventures in other countries. Enough information to stalk me, thrice over.  Point is - a lot.


This site is built for you people, the users.  It's not just a show-case of a bunch of things that I do.  JAG85.com is your place to hang out.  Want to download music from a local band?  Find a cool picture to use as a desktop background?  Get technical assistance with a computer problem?  Find links to useful and entertaining places?  See old pictures of your friends at formal dances, every day life, and in awkward moments?  Anyone remember how I used to play with Lego's as a kid - yeah they're here too.  Note that gamers have not been abandoned.  All the Battletech stuff is still here, in the links, downloads, and pictures sections. Sociologists can find places to explore and resources to further their studies. Travelers can get a glimpse of a few other countries. You can even take a gander at the pages I've done for friends.