Web Projects

Web Development tied to my various academic/engagement affiliations and interests.

São Tomé Projects

My most recent work to date has been with the GIS (map project) São Tomé group. I created a number of web resources for them and may do my dissertation work in São Tomé with the learning and XO laptops or Spatial Data Infrastructure development.


Over the course of the summer PhD student Adam Kehoe and I prototyped some new technologies and ideas for Prairienet. One of them was this website.

Community Informatics Initiative Redux

I created the design for the new Community Informatics Initiative website.

Youth Community Informatics

I was originally asked to assist in the design of the Youth Community Informatics website but after some issues with security permissions and hosting they decided to use a simpler design that would work on the GSLIS server Wordpress installation.

CIMA: Community Informatics Multimedia Archive

A collection of community informatics multimedia aimed at giving visitors a better experience of what we do!

Partner Websites

Other websites under development that are related to CI.

Website Hosting

You can host websites, blogs, wikis, forums, courseware, and other web tools here for free. Only community related organizations, programs and partnerships are eligible, and for the time being I can't permit any commercial or business websites. Religious, political, and websites for kids are all welcome, however. Any organizations who were previously hosted on Prairienet.org are eligible. If you're not sure if you qualify send Jeff Ginger an email explaining your organization, project or program and its needs.

Available Web-based Software

  • WordPress - wordpress.org - Easy to use blogs and websites with a great deal of flexible options
  • MediaWiki - mediawiki.org - An open source wiki, based on the wikipedia design and engine
  • Moodle - moodle.org - Moderately flexible open source courseware
  • phpbb - phpbb.com - Open source forums (message boards)
  • Joomla - joomla.org - A powerful content management system for websites and web applications
  • dotProject - dotproject.net - Open source project management
  • PhpGedView - phpgedview.net - A genealogy program which allows you to view and edit your genealogy online
  • Gallery - gallery.menalto.com - Web-based photo/music/video organizer with accounts, pluggin support and more
  • Advanced Poll - proxy2.de - Add-on for running online polls
  • WebCalendar - k5n.us/webcalendar.php - Collaborative and solo-use web calendar

Features and Options

  • All hosting and setup is free, no hidden costs or special agreements beyond the basic terms of use
  • Your base URL would look like:
    • Alternatively you can setup a forwarding URL (so you could have YOURSITENAME.com, .net, or.org) with a 3rd party. These usually cost around 7-15$ per year to host
  • You can take up to 8 GB of space and use up to 120 GB of bandwidth per year
  • For security reasons I cannot provide you FTP, SSH, or VPN access to your site. I cannot provide you any email accounts, either
  • I will only provide basic technical support and only as I find time for it. Turn around times could be several days or more, depending on the time of the year and the issue at hand
    • All of the open source web technologies listed above have very effective and active technical support communities, you can probably find support on forums

How to Sign Up?

  1. Review the privacy and acceptable use section
  2. Send Jeff Ginger an email and introduce yourself and your organization!