Community Informatics Policies

General Terms of Use and Privacy

Refer to the umbrella privacy and terms.

Use of Materials

Any publications (multimedia and text) on this website that belong to Jeff Ginger fall under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. This basically means you can use any of my material for non-commercial purposes so long as you give me (Jeff Ginger) credit. You can identify items that belong to me because they will be very clearly marked with my name under authorship. Materials posted here written by multiple authors in addition to myself are also available for use under the same license.

Any and all websites developed for or under the Community Informatics Initiative fall under the University of Illinois web privacy policy.

In addition, this website design should be considered Copyright 2008 JAG85 / Any text content written by myself (Jeff Ginger), however, falls under the aforementioned creative commons license.

Websites Hosted on CIP

Privacy Policy

If you host a website here I, Jeff Ginger, will not gather any personally identifiable information about your website users, nor will I or anyone else pry into any of the content unless you ask me to. The only exception is in the event of abuse - if a website is compromised due to a virus or illegal use (or irresponsibly) I will not hesitate to take it down. Generally this sort of thing would be a judgment call on my part, and I won't be actively trolling. Just ask me if you have any questions.

Acceptable Use Policy

Adapted from the policy.

To ensure a beneficial and quality experience to everyone who hosts websites on Community Informatics, all users are required to adhere to the following criteria for Acceptable Use in addition to all applicable State and Federal laws. Website users are expected to use good judgment in all their activities, and help provide a positive image of Community Informatics to other members and to participants.

Community Informatics is a a personal project run by Jeff Ginger, a PhD student at the University of Illinois, and is not officially affiliated with any part of the University or the Graduate School of Library and Information Science. You should consider this website to be a community service. Some basic guidelines follow:

  1. I, Jeff Ginger, will retain administrator access to every website hosted on Community Informatics Users will be given separate administrator accounts.

  2. Never share your password. Users are responsible for all activity carried out through their account. Do not create administrator accounts for random users or allow open access to administrator accounts on your website to the general internet public.

  3. Users are requested to act with respect for the values and individuality of other users and the rest of the network community. Behavior which expresses prejudice, harassment, or disdain for personal, intellectual, racial, sexual, or other reasons is bad network citizenship. Remember that many types of harassment are against the law.

  4. It is not acceptable to use Community Informatics in ways that interfere with or disrupt users, services, or equipment on the website or any connected system or network. Such interference or disruption includes, but is not limited to: distribution of unsolicited advertising (spam); propagation of computer worms or viruses; and using the network to make unauthorized entry to other computational, information, or communications devices or resources.

  5. Users must observe all applicable copyright laws. Copyrighted materials may not be used on the Web without permission of the copyright owners.

  6. Community Informatics tries to maintain a "family-friendly" atmosphere. Users are urged to refrain from obscenity in any public area.

  7. Illegal activities are not permitted on Community Informatics or using Community Informatics resources.

  8. Community Informatics reserves the right to suspend or terminate without notice any account, application, or website that is interfering with system resources or affecting the quality of services.

Commercial Use Policy

Website hosting is a free service. I am not prepared to deal with or interested in working with money exchanges of any kind. If you would like to host commercial operations here, this is possible, so long as you adhere to the following:

  1. All users must conform with the Community Informatics Acceptable Use Policy.

  2. No monetary transactions may take place using the Community Informatics system. This includes sending or receiving credit card orders or bank account numbers. This includes use of Paypal and other similar services. You may link to another website or page to conduct such operations.

  3. For-profit pricing information may not be placed on the Community Informatics system. For-profit commercial organizations or enterprises of any sort are specifically not permitted to include pricing information. You may invite website visitors to contact you for this information.

  4. Not-for-profit enterprises may include pricing information for items and events directly related to their non-profit activities. Individuals placing one-time "for sale" or "wanted" solicitations are specifically exempt from this prohibition.