Scholarship Overview

Most of my significant scholarly work to date. Check out my research to get an idea of where all of this stuff comes from.

Papers, Posters and Presentations


All of these papers were written as part of courses, which are indicated in italics. Some of them are better than others, several are works-in-progress. Generally if a paper is listed as revision 1 then it still needs significant work. I hope to return to several of these in the future to sharpen them up and repurpose them for another cause.

For those who are interested, I have several papers on, the previous focus of my research. Most of these have been formally reviewed and revised several times and a couple have been presented.

  • Buzzwords in the Classroom: Making Sense of the Discourse About Web2.0 in Classroom 2.0
    Qualitative Methods | PDF
  • One Laptop per Child: Discourse in an Information Society Context
    Information and Society| PDF
  • Criminal [Digital] Literacy: A Response to Jonathan Rosa
    Community as Intellectual Space | PDF
  • Prairienet2: Research Proposal 2009 (Development Strategies for Prairienet)
    Independent Study | PDF
  • Exploring Ubiquitous Learning: A case study of related concepts, objects and practice
    Ubiquitous Learning | PDF
  • The Rantoul Public Library: Hard Times, Innovative Strategies and Community Informatics
    CI Concepts | PDF
  • Museum Informatics: User and Web Driven Exhibitions
    Distributed Knowledge | PDF
  • Examining Digital Natives (critical, distributed knowledge)
    Distributed Knowledge | PDF
  • Digital Divide 2.0: African American Communities and Library Resources in Illinois
    Information Technology and the Black Experience | PDF



  • The São Tomé Map Project: Empowering People Through Geographic Information Systems
    GIS Fair 2009 | UIUC | PDF | PPT
  • Web2.0 Resources and the Digital Divide: The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly
    Mortenson Group | UIUC | PDF | PPT
  • An Introduction to Community Informatics
    Info 202 | UIUC | not yet available, but soon!
  • Examining Digital Natives
    Info 202 | UIUC | PDF | PPTX