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Welcome to Prairient2 : We research, develop, deploy and evaluate new programs, technology and strategies to empower communities and enable CTC's around Illinois.
Going Beyond Access : One of our most important initiatives is research digital literacy education through constructing and evaluating tutorials, curriculum and pedagogy for nonprofits, libraries and individuals.
To Innovate and Engage : We are also invested in developing innovative systems and programs that can help communities better meet their needs and goals with available technology resources.
Dedication to Ethics : Our research is always for the community, conducted with teh community or by the community in which we operate. Open access to our publications and data is fundamental.

Prairienet Community Technology Center Studio

This website is a Prairienet research and design concept demonstration (in other words it is not an active project), intended to supplement an iLabs inquiry unit that took place in the Spring of 2009. Its purpose was to help students design, implement and evaluate new programs that could have aided in the development of a new Prairienet Community Media Lab. It ran in parallel to several student's independent studies Spring 2009 and continued into the summer. The main prototype research projects were as follows:

Community Informatics?

Community Informatics in an area of research, practice and activism dedicated to providing communities (neighborhoods, towns, virtual groups) with the means (skills, resources, relationships) to address community-defined needs (education, jobs, health, archiving community history, and more). These means are enabled by (or related to) information technologies, or in some broader interpretations, information processes.

This website was created as a demonstration of student work with the Community Informatics Initiative, a teaching and resource center at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.